For our high-net worth individuals and families BHLC offers a personalized approach to wealth Management and financial planning predicated on the understanding of what's most important to BHLC’s members  and their families. BHLC through close collaboration with our local highly credentialed advisors and specialist. Wells Fargo Private Bank is among the institutions and fiduciaries that we offer BHLC members Financial services through.

BHLC can offer in collaboration with our financial consultants and advisors  our four asset class model . This model that BHLC offers is designed to optimize risk and returns with a combination of Equities , Fixed income, real assets and alternative investments . ( Alternative investments include Venture capital,  Private equity,  Hedge funds, Real estate investment trusts, Commodities such as precious metals, rare coins, wine and art ) .This asset class usually  performs with low correlation to stocks and bonds .

Venture Capital :

Venture capital  investments are funds that invest in to a company generally during the pre-IPO process . The funds are controlled by a wealthy individual  a or small group of investors known as Venture capitalist . These investments require a high rate of return and are secured  by a substantial ownership position in the company. As the company grows and becomes more valuable the value of the funds corresponding percentage increases as well .

Ultimately the company will either be sold to a larger company ( at a higher price ).

Doubleclick an advertising service was acquired  by Google in 2007 for 3.1 billion dollars .

Doubleclick has brought in 19.1 billion dollars in revenue for Google in 2016 .

Companies  also realise an exit event by selling shares through the public stock market

( “ Going public “ with an “ IPO “ ). In the recent IPO of the American company Snap its share price traded up 44% in its first day of trading  putting their opening price at $24 dollars per share

Which put the company’s market capitalization at about $33 billion dollars .

BHLC Wealth Services through our network in Silicon Valley and through the Technology development and technology transfer offices at M.I.T. , Harvard, University of Pennsylvania , UC Berkeley and Princeton can source deals for our members in companies that generally focus on healthcare or new technologies and biotech, including application,software,cloud computing and social networking. BHLC Wealth Services assists our members with deal sourcing ; Investment selection ; Valuation ; Deal structure ; Post-investment value added ; and Exits .

Since 2006 Harvard’s research innovations have formed the basis for over a 100 new startup companies in the US and around the world. Apply to BHLC and enjoy some of the financial benefits that BHLC Wealth Services offers.

Offshore and International Banking :

Switzerland has become home to nearly one-third of the world’s wealth. Swiss banking combines stringent privacy laws with one the most solid and secure banking systems on the planet. Swiss banks offer sophisticated financial services . The service include :

-Bank accounts in numerous currencies

-Multi-currency accounts

-Interest bearing accounts in many currencies

-Certificate of Deposit ( CDs ) in multiple currencies

-Investments in nearly every market in the world

-The ability to privately purchase and store precious metals such as gold , silver and platinum

-Private, offshore debit cards

-Bank representatives that regularly deal with world-wide clientele and are fluent and many languages

BHLC Wealth Services can help BHLC members open a private offshore account . To “ go offshore “ simply  means to place assets outside one’s home country. BHLC Wealth Services

Accomplishes the through several steps for maximum privacy and protection and within the parameters of multi-jurisdictional privacy and banking laws.

Going offshore includes forming an offshore structure such as a company or trust, and placing domestic assets ( car, home, real estate,  art collections etc. ) into that structure . BHLC Wealth

Services guides our member through each step of the process.

Call or email us today and become a member and realise some the amazing wealth preservation and protection strategies we offer exclusively to BHLC members.

Real Estate Investments and Property Development :

Apartment building are unique assets that can generate significant passive income for the rest of your life. Passive income is the profit  created from rental activity and is one of the primary benefits of owning such  valuable asset.

Investor demand for apartment buildings will continue to strengthen in key markets in the US such as New York and Philadelphia. Owning real estate  in these key markets remain attractive investments that can generate a stable and reliable cash flow and an above-average return especially while  the volatility in the stock market persists.

BHLC Wealth Service will source investment properties that meet the required ROI ( return on Investment ) of our members . BHLC Wealth Services will source the appropriate investment  property that best fits our members needs, whether a 5 unit multifamily, 10, 20, 50, 100 unit complexes.

BHLC Wealth Services can also source and initiate due diligence on class A, B, or C institutional

Sized properties ( Properties that start at  150  units or more ). BHLC will assist our members with every aspect of the acquisition process from sourcing the investment property including  Due diligence, negotiating  the price , facilitating the purchase and management of the asset on behalf of our members BHLC Wealth Services can source land for the purposes of developing new construction projects such as apartment buildings and hotels. The new construction development could potentially be given the designation of “ targeted employment area  “ and create 10 or more jobs   under the E-B5 green card program . This program will allow you and your family to travel freely inside and outside the United States and become a permanent resident, then a US citizen in about 3 to 5 years . Apply for membership to BHLC and allow BHLC Wealth Services to find excellent real estate investment opportunities for you.